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SAmple media from the office of economic Development

King 5

Apple expands in Seattle again, adding 1000 jobs 

Seattle Times

Hosting 2026 World Cup would cost Seattle millions, but almost all money would be recovered, city says

Sonics Rising

City of Seattle introduces arena community advisory group


The Cities Workers Are Flocking To

Sample Media while at the Mayor's Office 

Seattle Times

How to Build a High Speed Broadband Network in Seattle


Neighborhood Social Network Teams with City of Seattle

 The Stranger:

Woman Picked for City's Worst Job

Fellow Seattleites Do we or Do We Not Live in a Little Hobbit Village

Mayor Ed Murray on the Comcast/Time Warner Merger

Seattle closes its first ‘$15 minimum wage’ investigation


Sample Media while at All Out

USA Today:

Film imagines life for a gay Olympian in Sochi


Gay Rights Protesters Target Sochi Olympic Sponsors, Coke, McDonald’s and Samsung


U.N. urges Olympic social inclusion amid Russian gay rights storm

Le Monde:

JO de Sotchi : les sportifs gays se sentiront "bien", affirme Poutine


Groups Slam U.S. Olympic Committee For “Inherent Conflict” On LGBT Anti-Discrimination Policies

Russian Sports Minister Says Anti-LGBT Law Will Be Enforced During Olympics


Russian lawmaker describes gay activists as "sick"


IAAF president Lamine Diack: 'No problem' with Russia's anti-gay laws

Gay rights campaigners petition IOC over Russia's Sochi Olympics

ABC News:

Apple Drops 'Gay Cure' App From Store, Google Keeps It Despite Petition


Ataques homofóbicos expõem divisão sobre casamento gay na França

White House:

I worked with the Obama White House to encourage President Obama to speak out about decriminalization of sexual orientation during his visit to Africa.

New Yorker:

At the Olympics, a Rainbow on Every Coke Can

Washington Post:

IOC: No grounds to challenge Russian anti-gay law as Sochi Olympic Games approach

Japan’s International Business Times:



Russia’s anti-gay crackdown raises concerns for Olympics